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May 22 2018

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this bitch empty, TWEET



do u ever get a message or a comment that like isn’t OVERTLY sexual but it’s in the subtext and even though it seems completely innocent your kink alarm bell rings something like

“you’re so cute! would love to see a photo of you in some red sneakers!”

like…..that’s too specific to be innocuous…………. .

god i love this

May 21 2018

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you can’t fool me i know where cats come from

May 20 2018


female character: *fights in a blatantly sexualised manner*

logical brain: that fighting style is impractical and degrading and obviously solely intended to appease the male gaze

dumbass lesbian brain: hhhhhh warrior lady big sexy

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May 18 2018

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Ballerina cats. 

Reposted byankin ankin


Someone: I’d love to read some of your writing some time

Me, who never gets anything finished:

May 17 2018

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May 15 2018

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chunky on main

UNIT on main

absolutely rotund on main

May 14 2018

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a goodbye for just a short little while

print for AX!

eta: fixed the mirroring on the ground

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not a puppy do not be fooled

do not make fun of him hes a little different


ive eaten shrimp exactly 5 times in my life, always with gusto and an utter lack of self-restaint, and each time has ingrained itself in my memory as distinctly nightmarish when they ended with me ralphing it all back up within the hour. i thought this was reflective of my hubris and insufficient fear of god, but it is only as i write this post now, crumpled to my knees on the floor of this eresto’s bathroom after eating half a baja taco and recalling that my dad is allergic to shellfish, i realize perhaps the issue is not with a higher power, but with a deeper one. biology.

May 11 2018

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everytime I hear about children of the corn I think about the guy I met at comic con who actually lived in the town they filmed that movie at, and on the farm where they filmed in the corn.
he was a teenager at the time and him and his friends would get drunk on moonshine and rustle the corn and let the air out of the tires of the production team’s trailers and shit.
and now there’s Wikipedia pages about how the children of the corn set was haunted and they thought they angered god but it was really just drunk hillbillies

I don’t like adding to posts but I also have a funny story like this, so I was watching the movie the Blair witch which takes place in burkettsville maryland, which to me is so funny because that is were my grandfather lives and the town is literally just old people and cows with their main street consisting of a post office. Well anyway he told me that after it came out people were coming in like bus loads to the town to find the witch and my grandfather lives up in the Mountain area and people were up in his property trying to find the witch and it made him angry so he went out and hung up stick people and stacked rocks and it freaked the people out so they started thinking something was out there when really it was my 80 year old Italian grandpa who wanted people out of his woods.

We had ghost hunters come to a historic house in my town to film and if you think every high school kid in town respectfully stayed at home that night instead of going to fuck up that filming you’re dead wrong.

this is comforting, actually, sometimes paranormal things are just a bunch of bored people dicking around in the woods.

New favorite cryptid: locals





L is for the way you look at me

O is for the only one I see

V is very very extraordinary


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no fear

not being able to find your plushie

one fear


people who don’t own cats: cats are so aloof… they just keep to themselves and don’t care that you even exist

cats: hey! hey! hey! hey! pay attention to me! hey! why aren’t you looking at me! hey! hey! if you don’t pet me right now i’ll freakin die! hey! heeeyyy!!!!

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Able sisters!

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